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Inspiring exploration and driving your professional journey

There is power in surrounding yourself with people who share your passion. People who understand the power of marketing — who want to push it, reimagine it, redefine it.

Welcome to The Marketing Alliance  or TMA. Formerly the Business Marketing Association of Colorado or BMA, it’s a new name firmly grounded in what’s important to you and your peers. We are actively engaging and rewarding your curiosity, inspiring your exploration of B2B marketing excellence, and have been driving your professional journey for over 70 years. 

We’re taking everything great that BMA stood for, and pushing it toward amazing — with inspiring and practical content that you can’t get anywhere else, from people you respect. A balance of in-person (when it's safe!) and online events, all with a one-cost subscription model and lots of free stuff for you and our greater marketing community.

Come join us, and reimagine everything that’s possible!

Stay updated on the latest news and insights in B2B and account-based marketing

The Marketing Alliance: a video intro

Learn what's happening in our business marketing community as we redefine our future, together! 

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Membership in the Marketing Alliance Means:


B2B Professional

Frequent programs feature great speakers at seminars, webinars, and workshops


Networking Opportunities

Meetings, programs, and social events are included or offered at special, member pricing


Communities & Recognition

Fourteeners Awards, Denver Start-Up Week, Business Marketer of the Year, and more


Information & Resources

Industry updates, salary survey, informative blog posts, and B2B marketing podcasts

We Appreciate Our Partners!